Clinical Process Groups

Members in their first 60 days at Wilmington Recovery are required to attend a weekly clinical process group. During this process group, members are encouraged to discuss challenges, difficulties, and potential frustrations they are facing within their early recovery. 

These groups are managed by licensed clinical addiction specialist. Counseling techniques include motivational interviewing, CBT reframing skills and solution-focused problem solving methods. Not only do these techniques allow individuals to decompress, they also enable our members to build healthy, positive relationships. 

Building healthy relationships and connections is essential for newcomers, especially when they are having challenging days. Peers can provide feedback through personal experiences and insights, giving every member the motivation to move forward in the recovery process. Having an objective, clinical perspective allows residents to view a situation in a new light as well as problem solve any negative situations effectively. 

The therapeutic environment is safe, cohesive and nonjudgmental, which allows members to feel comfortable with sharing whatever problem they may be facing. This unique group experience also allows individuals to be challenged in ways that they will not get from attending AA or NA meetings alone.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an effective combination of talk therapy and behavioral therapy. CBT is a type of psychotherapy in which patients reframe negative thinkingpatterns into positive thoughts. Transforming one’s thoughts will ultimately result in positive actions and behaviors in difficult moments.